Christmas Tree Footprint Calculator Shows How to Have A Green Christmas

Cognitive scientist Maria Kluziak and researcher Jack Bowater built a tool on the Omni Calculator platform that compares the carbon footprint of a real vs. a plastic Christmas tree. The tool also considers how much you could reduce your footprint depending on the disposa...
Finance Expert Builds a Black Friday Calculator to Help You Find Real Deals

Arturo Barrantes, a finance expert who hates seeing bad offers online, built a Black Friday Calculator using Omni Calculator’s platform. His tool looks at the 9 most common discounts to sort genuine deals from bad ones. 
Solve 3000 Problems Using the Power of Science

Omni Calculator, an international tech company, celebrates a 3000 calculators milestone with a contest. What started in Poland as a simple app calculating the percentage is now a platform offering thousands of free versatile tools to help everyone with their daily proble...
CFA Candidate Creates A Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator

Wei Bin Loo, a Chartered Financial Analyst Candidate and contributor to Omni Calculator, created a Student Loan Forgiveness Calculator after hearing that the Biden Administration officially opened the application for student loan forgiveness.
Omni Calculator Launches a Journalist's Guide With Filipino Reporters

Omni Calculator, an international tech company, launches a new ebook, “Making it Count: A Journalist’s Guide to Numbers", written by experienced Filipino reporters contributing to CNN, Rappler, and the Asset Magazine, as well as scientists from the UK, Poland, Italy, and...

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